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Garth L. Black
Springfield, OR
Work Experience:

Time Period: November 1997 to Present
Employer: Peacehealth/Sacred Heart Medical Center, Eugene, OR 97440
Position: Helpdesk Analyst(Job chosen due to merger )

Basic troubleshooting of PC problems. Password changes on Tandem, Alpha-VMS and NT. Also printer assistance on PC, NT , VAX and Tandem. Used Frontpage to update both htm and asp webp ages. Rewrote Dialogic application since it was lost when the harddrive failed. Wrote the TSOC report since Crystal reports had problems. Wrote a utility to check for failure of the NAI Stat. Wrote a utility to beep whenever Quickcom (manages Lightbright) crashes. Wrote a primitive server checker that interfaced with Quickcom. Modified Scotty, a tcl based network checker, to interface with Quickcom. Wrote a helpdesk chat program in tcl. Modified a screensaver into a screenreliever, that is a screensaver that only operates for a few minutes.

Time Period: November 1994 to November 1997
Employer: Peacehealth/Selectcare, Eugene, OR 97440
Position: IS-Specialist

Mainframe - Created jobs on a Vax for encounter data and raw data files for the Management reporting systems which consisted of the Instrument Panel, RDB (old VAX based data warehouse that used IBI-Focus) and the finaly data warehouse that ran on MSSQL. Utilized automatic FTPing to get the extract files off the VAX at Selectcare and onto systems at Sacred Heart. Supervised the work of two Mastech contractors to write COBOL extract programs. Charted their progress on Microsoft Project. DBA for the Rdb which uses IBI's Focus product including using the Forms package.


Data warehouse, the backend was an NT Server running Microsoft SQL 6.0, the frontends were Visual Basic 4.0 applications, Foxpro applications 7.0, Access 7.0, and Excel 7.0. Also Transact SQL loads and queries running the server including batch queue emulation. Used Microsoft Visual Source Safe to manage the source code for both0 the Visual Basic and SQL portions of the load processes. The applications managed the loading and monitoring of the 300 Megs of data loaded in the 150+ load steps. Responsibilities: Performing the extracts and co-ordinating with the operators. Designed and set-up new extracts for the SQL based management reporting system.

Time Period: November 1993 to November 1994
Employer: Selectcare
Position: Computer Operator
Supervisor: Rod Wirtz

Performed nightly back-ups. Started nightly job run. Maintained job run sheets. Wrote a DCL script to monitor batch queues and half them when space ran low.

Time Period: January 1993 to November 1993
Employer: Selectcare
Position: Claims Analyst
Supervisor: Marshall Landman

10 key data entry. Checking claims.

Time Period: February 1990 to July 1991
Employer: Selectcare
Position: Claims Analyst I
Supervisor: Kent Noah

Trained people on the Discorps system. 10 key data entry. Dealt with Medicare claims involving drugs, COB and employee claims.

Time Period: November 1988 to February 1990
Employer: Selectcare
Position: Computer Operator
Supervisor: Terry Phillips

Nightly back-ups, running jobs, cabling, and soldering.

Time Period: June 1986 to August 1986
Employer: Looking Glass under the Summer Youth Program at Mohawk High, Marcola OR
Supervisor: Juanita Peck

Cleaned windows, painted, scrubbed walls and furniture

Time Period: September 1984 to October 1985
Employer: Branciforte Branch Library, Santa Cruz, CA,
Position: Library Page
Supervisor: Alverda Orlando

Shelved books and magazines. Check-out and checked-in books. Also helped with ongoing conversion to barcode system.

2 1/3 years toward a bachelor's degree in Electrical/Computer Engineering at Oregon State University. (9/1991-12/1992)
1 year (second year) toward an associates of Computer Network Operations. Need first year of degree.
An associate's degree as an Engineering Electronic Technician from Lane Community College.
I have 180 credits at LCC and about 62 credits earned at OSU.

Learning about Linux which is a popular free Unix clone. References:
Available on request

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