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I've spent hours pouring over every single manual I could find for our VAX running VMS. I was able to come-up with a couple interesting utilities. I've left the specific information in them since the system they referenced has been replaced. Again, this code is presented as is with no warranty of any kind.

Judging from the code, I think this one was for finding those pesky large files that filled up our dinky drives. I think it references the allocated space as opposed to the used space. There were a few times we had rather large empty files, that is they allocated a ton of blocks, but aborted before proceeding.

Check Files

This is the program that the two subsequent system administrators hated and the operators loved. I think their main objection was that occasionally it would pop up in the list of current processes, so they assumed it was sucking massive cycles. The DCL is pretty innocent it basically shows the first job running in each of the significant queues along with disk space useage. If the disk space got too small, it stopped the queues and did a reply/to to the operator. The initial write of this took a week of trial and error. The DCL manual did not specify the order in which the functions needed to be called, but latter I discovered the programmer's manual did.

Show Processes

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