5. Welcome to Garth's Page-O-Rama -- DVR-Digital Video Recorder

I work nights and DVR's cost a lot. So I pieced together a crontab/xmltv/vcr based recording solution. It's semiproductive at this point. I've hacked vctrl to change the tuner from the command line on my Brooktree card. Supposedly, something called Tux Zapper does the same, but I can't find it. Check out the rvideo.sh for an example in the everything file. The source is in the v4l directory. If you use rvideorank.sh then it talks to a mysql database that's loaded with xmltv stuff. I have a perl web interface to rank things. It also keeps tracks of repeats, so they aren't recorded again by the repeat table. Again this is provided as is with no support, so if BASH is scary, stay away.

everything file

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